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Thank you for your interest.   As of June 2015 We do not have any current plans for up coming litters.  Go to the pedigree page and you can check with Mike at tbirds web page. He has been where our stud dog came from and often has started dogs.

  All the puppies from this litter are spoken for.

We had 11 puppies born on July 18, 2013.  They will be ready to go home about September 7, 2013. We have 7 males and 4 females.  The stud dog is once again Reggie.  Check out our pedigree page for more information on Reggie and Hazel.  


 September 1, 2013, Video of the Females



September 1, 2013, Video of the Males


NEW PHOTOS as of August 11, 2013.  Check out our PHOTO GALLERY for the Puppy's first trip outside and Individual photos of each puppy (It's harder than you think!).

They also now have individual colored collars on so we can tell them apart.


Richmond Lake Labs is a family run business.  We currently  have one chocolate lab which we breed by the name of Hazel.  She gets plenty of practice hunting pheasant, ducks and dove in North-Eastern South Dakota.  She is a natural born pointer.  Hazel also gets plenty of practice swimming in the lake on our property.  

        Hazel has a great disposition and is truly a smart dog     

                              Hazel is  AKC-OFA certified

Contact us: 

Ken and Denise Dulik 

Richmond Lake Labs

12767 Richmond Lane

Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401

(605) 262-0427 

 August 19, 2013 VIDEO of PUPPIES


Videos from our last litter.

Descriptions of puppies.